The Changelog of Late May 2022

Welcome to this second post! This time I have some new stuff to present and a lesson learned about sharing a Redis instance between two programs…

Mastodon v3.5.3

A new version was released, which includes some security fixes and features I’ve already talked about in the previous post.

New theme: Modern

Made by freeplay, this new theme is available since the 21st of May in both dark and light mode. You can change your flavor and theme here.

I’m actually thinking if this should be set as the default, the animations and the roundness of it makes it really comfortable to use.

Here’s some screenshots for “Vanilla” Mastodon:
Modern dark Modern light

I’ve also made some fixes to make it work on the Glitch flavor!
But note that there might still be some weird styles since elements aren’t 1:1 with Vanilla Mastodon. Our fixes can be seen here.

Modern dark Modern profile

Since I don’t use the light mode daily, I’m leaving it as a [beta].

Now hosting a Nitter instance, and sorry

We’re now also hosting the alternative Twitter frontend that protects your privacy and proxies the requests for you. It’s available at and the accounts coming from are redirecting posts to our Nitter.

But huh… I’ve made a mistake when setting it up, I’ve let is use the same Redis instance that Mastodon uses as a caching method. And yeah, timelines are cached in there so when Nitter came it started to delete some stuff which emptied some timelines.

Some reports.

The solution to that wasn’t that hard, just create new directories and a config for Redis on a different port and there we go, everything’s working now!

  - Kody