The First Changelog

Since I’m in Space doesn’t really follow the mainstream releases and updates regularly (like every one or two weeks if we’re not too lazy), new features and changes are made before the official stable release’s announcement.

We hope to regularly announce some of the new stuff available, maybe share tips and what changed in the background too (like how backups are made, nginx configs, etc.).


We’ve updated past v3.5.2 two weeks ago, which added or reworded some warnings about the “direct message” feature and how it might still be seen by admins.
Reminder that the Fediverse isn’t end-to-end encrypted (yet?), so if you want to share sensitive information (personal data, passwords, or that embarrassing picture of you at the last party), you should add each other on Signal or any other more private chat service of your choice. ;)

Updated RSS feeds

Did you know there are RSS feeds for profiles and tags? Open the profile of someone, add .rss to the URL, and voilà: works!
There was a recent update from mastodon#18356: date and time are now used as the title, the body shows the full content of the post even if there is a content warning, and media extensions are used for attachments.

Per-message language

And now here’s something interesting. You might see that there is a new button in the compose window in the Mastodon interface. You can now select in which language you’re currently posting in!
While you can set in your preferences that you post in a certain language, you might be like me and actually write in two or three different ones which can be an issue for users who are filtering languages in their public timeline or for how localized trends might work. You can see a quick demo on Gargon’s pull request mastodon#18420 implementing this feature.

It might have been already missing since v3.5.1, but I’ve only noticed it a little bit before we crossed the v3.5.2 tag. While Mastodon still appears to process trends and that we can moderate them, they just don’t show up in the UI or in the API, making the pages in the “Search” tab on the Mastodon app quite empty. Issue mastodon#18132 is open and I’ve shared that we’re also affected.

And that’s it for a first post! Hope to see you all soon with more exciting stuff about our little instance.

  - Kody

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